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The program designed for athletes focusing on fat loss, muscle maintenance, & mastering their fueling for peak performance.

6-week nutrition
Coaching program 

Take your fitness and physique to the next level by super charging your fueling strategy.

The Fuel Without Fear coaching program will equip you with science based nutrition education, powerful actionable items to work on each week, and the added accountability of learning alongside a group of like-minded individuals.  

Fuel Without Fear is for you if: 

  • You want to lose fat and stop yo-yo dieting but you're not sure how to break the cycle

  • You struggle with cravings, energy fluctuations, or ravenous appetite

  • You're ready to go beyond 'eat-less' and 'exercise-more' and learn how to fuel yourself properly while losing fat​

  • You want to work with a credentialed nutrition coach but maybe 1:1 is a little outside your budget comfort zone 

  • You're ready to use tracking as a learning tool and not as a means to be overly restrictive (don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know to make it easy)

We will cover metabolism, fat loss mindset, fixing nutrient imbalances, calculating macros, best practices for tracking, along with my stress free strategy for meal planning (with examples and recipes), balanced snacks, and healthy hormones. 

You'll walk away with a firm understanding of what to eat

why you're doing it &

how to do it consistently 

No more fad diets and no more failed attempts.

This is the last nutrition program you'll ever need.

Fuel Without Fear isn't for you if: 

  • You're recovering from or engaged in an active eating disorder (although I am a Registered Dietitian, ED is not my area of expertise)

  • If you are not ready or willing to use macro tracking as a tool in your body transformation

Image by J. Kelly Brito

What to expect:


  • Weekly LIVE education video calls with Q&A (replay's available if you can't make it)

  • A 1:1 strategy session with Marissa 

  • Actionable items to work on each week and topic handouts

  • Example meal plan with recipes

  • Private group chat with 24/7 access



I really felt the program was super helpful. I think [Marissa's] attitude and perspective around food is amazing and is something a lot of people could use in approaching food and exercise. Not looking at things as all or nothing is huge. Also, each weeks goals were realistic and manageable. It was a great experience


I truly enjoyed the group atmosphere as it was nice to feel part of a small community all learning together and also so nice to hear from others what their struggles and successes are. You can learn a lot from that I think.


Appreciated having the 1:1 session included. Learned a lot! Appreciated handouts. I feel you provided a lot of value. 

I learned to balance meals with protein. Go slow, pick one change to implement at a time. I'm already doing a lot of things right, focus on the positive and keeping moving forward.

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Next steps

Start Here: 

Register for the program ​



Complete the pre-work forms

Don't Forget!

Schedule the LIVE calls into your calendar, if you can't make it, no sweat you'll be able to access the recordings within 24 hours. 

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